Anopheles marteri Senevet & Prunnelle, 1927




Etymology: Marie Louise Marter

Type locality: Camp du Marechal, Camp des Chenes, and Hammam Melouane, Algeria

Type depository: Institut Pasteur d'Algerie, Algiers, Algeria [No types; Now all in FMP] (PIA); Natural History Museum, London, England, United Kingdom (NHMUK)



Becker et al. 2010



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Exemplar DNA sequences

All Anopheles marteri DNA sequences



Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France (Corsica), Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel (and Gaza Strip and West Bank), Italy (Sardinia and Sicily), Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey



Senevet & Prunnelle 1927: 529 (M*, F, L*)

Hadjinicolaou 1938: 44 (E*)

Aitken 1953: 343 (A, P, L, E; bionomics)

Senevet & Andarelli 1955a: 91 (M*, F*, P*, L*, E; bionomics, taxonomy)

Shahgudian 1956: 71 (L*; taxonomy; as sogdianus)

Postiglione et al. 1973: 132 (distribution; as sogdianus)

Ribeiro et al. 1987 (1985) (synonymy)

Townsend 1990: 101 (type information)

Glick 1992: 129 (distribution)

Ramsdale & Snow 2000: 6 (distribution)

Hadjivassilis 2000: 38 (distribution)

Becker et al. 2010: 177 (M*, F*, L*; keys, taxonomy, distribution, bionomics)

Robert et al. 2019 (distribution; western Palearctic)



syn. sogdianus Keshishian

1938: 888 (M*, F*, P*, L*; as species). Type locality: Karatag, Tovil-dora, Varzob [Stalinabad, Tajikistan] (MTI). References: Bates et al. 1949: 431 (to subspecies); Ribeiro et al. 1987 (1985): 108 (synonymy).

syn. conquensis Torres Cañamares

1946: 47 (M*, F*, L*, E*; marteri variety). Type locality: Cuenca, Spain (IEE). References: Shahgudian 1956: 74 (synonymy); Ribeiro et al. 1987 (1985) (synonymy).






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