Anopheles aitkenii James, 1903




Etymology: E.H. Aitken

Type locality: Karwar, Bombay (near Goa Frontier), India

Type depository: Natural History Museum, London, England, United Kingdom (NHMUK)



Nguyen Thuong Hien 1968 (Vietnam)

Lee et al. 1987b (Australasia)

Darsie & Pradhan 1990 (Nepal)



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Exemplar DNA sequences

Anopheles aitkenii COI: AY917209, EU259302, GQ259193-94

 All Anopheles aitkenii DNA sequences



Andaman Islands, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia (West Papua), Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.



James 1903 (F*). In Theobald 1903a: 22

Ludlow 1905a: 129

Strickland & Chowdhury 1931: 3

Christophers 1933: 103 (M*, F*, P, L, E; taxonomy)

Crawford 1938: 36 (P*)

Bohart 1945: 12

Bonne-Wepster & Swellengrebel 1953: 86 (M*, F*, L*)

Reid & Knight 1961: 477 (P*)

Reid 1965: 107 (M*, F, P, L*, E; synonymy)

Nguyen Thuong Hien 1968 (F*, L*; keys, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Vietnam)

Reid 1968: 237 (M*, F*, P*, L*)

Basio 1971b: 33 (M*, F*; bionomics)

Khin-Maung-Kyi 1971b: 282 (Myanmar)

Baisas 1974: 44 (M*, F*, P, L*; taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Philippines)

Ahmed 1987 (distribution; Bangladesh)

Lee et al. 1987b: 9 (F; key, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution, review)

Darsie & Pradhan 1990 (F, L; taxonomy, keys, bionomics, distribution; Nepal)

Qu & Zhu 2008: 211 (distribution; People’s Republic of China)

Harbach 2018c: 25



syn. pallida Ludlow

1905a: 129 (not Theobald 1901a (F; Stethomyia)). Type locality: Camp Stotsenberg [Angeles], Pampanga, Luzon, Philippines (USNM). References: Bohart 1945: 12 (synonomy).



ssp. britanniae Strickland & Chowdhury

1931: 3 (var. aitkenii). References: Harbach 2018c: 25 (as subspecies).



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