Anopheles bengalensis Puri, 1930




Etymology: Bengal Region, India

Type locality: Marianbarie, Bengal Terai [near Sukna, West Bengal], India

Type depository: Natural History Museum, London, England, United Kingdom (NHMUK) and Malaria Institute of India, Delhi, India (MSI).

NOTE: Collections from MSI were transferred to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), Delhi, India (Reinert 1973e:32). 


Rattanarithikul & Harrison 1973 (Thailand)

Lee et al. 1987b

Darsie & Pradhan 1990 (Nepal)

Rattanarithikul et al. 2010 (Thailand)




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Exemplar DNA sequences

All Anopheles bengalensis DNA sequences



Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, People’s Republic of China (includes Hong Kong), Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.



Puri 1930: 955 (M, L; as aitkenii variety)

Christophers 1933: 109 (A, L; taxonomy)

Baisas 1938: 221 (P*, L*)

Puri 1949: 483 (to subspecies)

Reid 1965: 113 (M*, F, P*, L*, E*; to species)

Kanda & Kamimura 1967: 108 (M*, F*, P*, L*; distribution)

Reid 1968: 245 (M, F, P*, L*, E*)

Aslamkhan 1971b (distribution; Pakistan)

Khin-Maung-Kyi 1971b: 282 (as aitkenii variety)

Basio 1971b: 34 (M*, F*; bionomics)

Rattanarithikul & Harrison 1973 (L*; key; Thailand)

Baisas 1974: 47 (M, F, P, L; taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Philippines)

Harrison & Scanlon 1975: 157 (M*, F*, P*, L*; distribution)

Harrison & Klein 1975 (distribution; Cambodia)

Tanaka et al. 1975c: 210 (distribution)

Tanaka et al. 1979: 57 (M*, F*, P, L*; Japan)

Lee et al. 1987b: 50 (F; key, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution, review)

Darsie & Pradhan 1990 (F, L; taxonomy, keys, bionomics, distribution; Nepal)

Oo et al. 2004 (distribution; Myanmar)

Rattanarithikul et al. 2010 (F*, L*; bionomics, distribution, keys; Thailandl)

Namgay et al. 2018 (bionomics, distribution; Bhutan)









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