Anopheles hyrcanus (Pallas, 1771)




Etymology: ancient land of Hyrcania

Type locality: [Caspian Sea]

Type depository: Location Unknown (LU)


Lee et al. 1987b

Becker et al. 2010



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Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Crimean Peninsula, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France (includes Corsica), FYRO Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy (includes Sardinia and Sicily), Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, People’s Republic of China, Romania, Russia (Southern Dists.), Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).



(Pallas) 1771: 475 (A, Culex)

Martini 1930: 146 (M*, F*)

Christophers 1933: 152 (taxonomy)

Ross & Roberts 1943b: 5 (M*, F*, L*; taxonomy, distribution, bionomics)

Bates et al. 1949 (taxonomy)

Reid 1953: 51 (taxonomy)

Gutsevich et al. 1974: 105 (M*, F*, L*)

Margalit & Tahori 1974: 80 (distribution)

Gutsevich 1976: 148 (taxonomy)

Lee et al. 1987b: 58 (F; key, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution, review)

Glick 1992: 129 (distribution; taxonomy)

Ramsdale & Snow 2000: 4 (distribution)

Halgos & Benkova 2004: 68 (distribution; Slovakia)

Becker et al. 2010: 169 (M*, F*, L*; keys, taxonomy, distribution, bionomics)

Robert et al. 2019 (distribution; western Palearctic)



syn. pictus Loew

1845: 4 (M). Type locality: Rhodes Island [Greece] (ZM). References: Senevet & Andarelli 1955a: 109 (M*, F*, P, L*).

syn. flerowi Portschinsky

1910: 605 (F*). Type locality: River Amu-Darya, Uzbek [Uzbekistan] (LU).

syn. mesopotamiae Christophers & Chand

1915: 196 (M, F*; sinensis variety). Type locality: Lower Iraq (MSI). References: Christophers 1933: 152 (synonymy).

syn. marzinovski Shingarev

1926: 48 (F; as variety). Type locality: Karayazy Steppe, South Caucasus [USSR] (LU). References: Stone et al. 1959: 20 (synonymy).

syn. popovi Shingarev

1928: 50 (M*, F). Type locality: Turkestan [Turkmenistan] (LU). References: Martini 1930: 150 (A).

syn. mahmuti Martini

1930: 149 (F*; as variety). Type locality: Asia Minor (LU). References: Christophers 1933: 152 (synonymy).






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