Culex vomerifer Komp, 1932




Etymology: plough-bearing (L); refers to structure on male genitalia that resembles a plough, with a heavily sclerotized tip which forms the share

Culex vomerifer is the nominotypical member of the Vomerifer Group, which also includes Cx. gnomatos Sallum, Hutchings, Leila & Ferreira, Cx. portesi Senevet & Abonnenc, and Cx. sacchettae Sirivanakarn & Jakob. Readily separated by characters of the male genitalia, Culex vomerifer and Cx. gnomatos are essentially isomorphic as adult females, and are separated only by the absence of a patch of tiny, golden setae in the mid-mesepimeron in Cx. vomerifer. This given these two species are often lumped and the biomedical significance and bionomics of both taxa is likely confused.

Type locality: Almirante, Panama

Type depository: U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C., United States (USNM)

DIAGNOSTIC CHARACTERS  (Click photos to view; mouse over and click large photo to zoom in.)

ADULT (illustrated): Thorax: Vertex with numerous narrow falcate scales; mesepimeron with patch of small pale golden setae on median portion; pleural integument yellowish or whitish, contrasting with pale brown to dark brown scutal integument; Acrostichal setae present on anterior promontory and on posterior portion of acrostichal area. Legs: Ta-III1–5 all dark.

LARVA (not illustrated): No data available.







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Cx. vomerifer  COI: KX779893–95




Immature habitats of Cx. vomerifer can be collected in heavily shaded lowland swamp margins and between buttress roots. Habitats are typically highly organic, with organic-rich soils and colored waters from submerged leaves and woody debris. It can be difficult to locate the immatures.


Culex vomerifer is one of the most common Melanoconion species collected in human biting collections and CDC traps in the Atlantic forest region of southern Brazil. Females can be found host-seeking in both in the canopy and at ground level in forest edge habitats, including secondary growth vegetation in partially cleared forest areas, or near mangroves and swamps. Culex vomerifer males are often collected parasitized with Arrenurus and Durenia mites.



Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panama, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela.

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