Anopheles melanoon Hackett, 1934




Etymology: black egg (Gr)

Type locality: [Viareggio, Tuscany], Italy

Type depository: Location Unknown (LU)



Bates et al. 1949

White 1979

Becker et al. 2010



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Exemplar DNA sequences

All Anopheles melanoon DNA sequences



Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France (includes Corsica), FYRO Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Italy (includes Sardinia), Kosovo, Moldova, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia (Southern Dists.), Serbia, Spain, Turkey



Hackett 1934: 113 (M*, L*, E*)

Bates et al. 1949 (F, L, E*; keys; to sp; includes subalpinus)

Bates et al. 1949: 439 (E*)

Aitken 1953: 332 (E; bionomics)

Rioux 1958: 106 (M*; taxonomy)

Postiglione et al. 1970 (distribution; includes subalpinus)

White 1979 (taxonomy, review, keys, distribution)

Sichinava et al. 1983 (distribution; Georgia; as subalpinus)

Glick 1992: 129 (distribution; as subalpinus)

Alten et al. 2000 (distribution; Turkey)

Eritja et al. 2000: 11 (distribution; Spain)

Linton et al. 2002 (molecular taxonomy, syn. of subalpinus)

Linton et al. 2003 (review; Maculipennis Complex)

Nicolescu et al. 2004 (molecular taxonomy, distribution; Romania)

Linton et al. 2007 (molecular taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Greece)

Rueda et al. 2008 (distribution, Iraq)

Becker et al. 2010: 175 (E*; key, taxonomy, distribution, bionomics; including subalpinus)

Namazov 2014 (distribution; Azerbaijan)

Robert et al. 2019 (distribution; western Palearctic)



syn. subalpinus Hackett & Lewis

1935: 378 (M, L, E*; maculipennis variety). Type locality: Albania (LU). References: Cianchi et al. 1987 (chromosomes, as subspecies); Ribeiro et al. 1988: 234 (to species from subspecies melanoon); Linton et al. 2002 (E, molecular taxonomy; synonymy).






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