Culex stigmatosoma Dyar, 1907




Etymology: not stated [spot-body (Gr); prob. ref. to “coloration of the underside of the abdomen, which has only a row of round black spots”]

Type locality: Pasadena, California, United States

Type depository: U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C., United States (USNM)


Carpenter & LaCasse 1955

Bohart & Washino 1978

Darsie & Ward 2005




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Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States (continental), Venezuela.



Dyar 1907: 123 (A, L)

Yamaguti & LaCasse 1951c: 62 (M*, F*, L*)

Carpenter & LaCasse 1955: 292 (M*, F*, L*; keys)

Bohart & Washino 1957: 463 (L*)

Breland 1957: 175 (L*)

Stone & Knight 1957a: 56 (type information)

Stone 1958b: 236 (synonym with peus)

Bohart & Washino 1978: 125 (M, F, L*; keys, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; as peus, a nom. nudum)

Strickman 1988a: 490 (from synonym)

Eldridge & Harbach 1989: 247 (conservation of stigmatosoma)

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature 1991 (Opinion 1644; conservation of name)

Eldridge & Harbach 1992 (conservation of stigmatosoma & thriambus)

Darsie & Ward 2005 (F*, L*; keys, distribution)

Ortega-Morales et al. 2011 (taxonomy, distribution)



syn. eumimetes Dyar & Knab

1908: 61 (M, F). Type locality: Orizaba, [Veracruz], Mexico (USNM). References: Stone & Knight 1957a: 49 (lectotype designation); Stone et al. 1959: 253 (synonym); Strickman 1988a: 490 (synonym).






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