Vector Hazard Reports

WRBU Vector Hazard Reports (VHRs) combine information from VectorMap and other WRBU web products to generate targeted entomological intelligence for specific countries, or regions of interest. VHRs are generally divided into three categories: Regional Profiles, Country Profiles and Spotlight Reports.

Regional and Country Profiles contain detailed information about multiple arthropod vector species (mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies etc.), including distribution maps, high-resolution photographs and identification resources and biological profiles. These products also contain background on vector-borne diseases, geospatial data related to vector ecology and often vector control and personal protective equipment recommendations.

Spotlight Reports are focused announcements highlighting a real-time risk, such as invasive species introductions and vector-borne disease outbreaks. Spotlight Reports provide targeted information about a specific arthropod vector species’ biology, distribution and identification intended for rapid responses to emerging threats.